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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Farm House, Part II

So, now that we've seen the inside of the house, lets talk about our plans for the farmhouse.  Our plans have evolved as time has gone on.

Originally, we planned to tear down the structure.  Some might see a diamond in the rough, but we just saw constant and costly repairs. Before we could move on with our plans to take it down, we were asked if we would be willing to rent the house out. We are currently renting out the land to a cow farmer.  One of his farm hands was originally interested in purchasing the front 15 acres, house included, but that fell through. When it fell through, the sellers asked us if we would buy it. And, as you know, we did. So when this farm hand asked us if we would rent the house to him, we immediately said no.  We did NOT want the headache responsibility of being a landlord for this property.  But we were approached again by the cowhand's boss (the person who rents the land from us) and he asked us to reconsider.  We spoke to him for a bit to understand why the cowhand wanted to rent the house (he currently lived just down the road), and he also vouched very strongly for his employee.  After hearing his story (which is his story to tell, not ours) we decided to reconsider.  We spoke to the cowhand again and worked out an agreement. 

We were a bit apprehensive in the beginning and insisted on a short-term lease, but the arrangement has turned out to be a good one.  He maintains the house and keeps and eye on our property when we aren't there.  I'm not sure how long this arrangement will continue, but so far everyone is content, so we don't see any changes in the near future. 

In the next post, I'll share why we didn't want to take on the responsibility of maintaining this house.


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