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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Entrance To Our Woods

In this post, I talked about how after finalizing the purchase of the front 16 acres, we decided to move the location of our driveway to the opposite side of the property.  Now that we own the entire road frontage running the width of our property, we don't have to follow the legal road easement and can place our driveway wherever we want.  It was a no-brainer for us to decide to cut our driveway through the woods.  There is a natural path through there that works perfectly for this.  We only have to take out two small trees!  We wouldn't have gone this route if it would have required us to take out any of the large beautiful trees that we love.

This past January, we decided we needed a change of scenery when it came to our work out on the land.  Our renter had just moved in, so we wanted to give him some space to make settle in before we started working on the yard once again.  So we moved our focus to the entrance of our woods. 

In the exact spot our driveway will enter the woods, there just happened to be a rather large pile of dirt, fence posts, fence panels and barbed wire that needed to be dealt with.  We had just had a new dumpster delivered (dumpster #2) so it was perfect timing to start getting rid of some of the larger pieces of trash.

Once again, we were amazed at what we pulled out of this pile of dirt.

Before. It looks like an innocent pile of dirt and wood.

Pulling out one of the many coils of rusty barbed wire.

A close up of the posts and wire fence sections.
The other side of the pile.

Finally untangling the wire fence section.

More metal fence posts.

And even more.  This pile had been here for a decade or two.

I felt like I had wrangled a Python and won!

This poor tree had somehow managed to grow on the very top of this pile of dirt and metal.
Sadly, we had to remove him.

The pile when we got every last piece of metal we could find.  Just some logs and sticks to move to the burn pile.
Now that the pile has been dealt with, you can easily see the natural opening and path through the woods that we will be using for our driveway. It's going to be beautiful!

Next, I'll show you The Secret Circle. 

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