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Friday, April 20, 2018

The Backyard, Area D

Area D. 

This spot wasn't too bad.  There was another load of lave rock, about 50 more large flat rocks, and a bunch of weeds that needed to be pulled; but for the most part, it just needed some love.  And then there was that random electrical safety situation to deal with. 

The area on the left was a small vegetable garden at one point. We pulled a tomato plant (with its garden tag) out. And then there is really pretty fern that we kept and a bunch of ornamental grass that we divided up and spread out. 

The unsafe electrical situation.

And a seashell.

So for the most part we just wanted to clean out all the leaves and pull the rocks and weeds out.  And just have it be a quaint little ornamental garden. 

Busting out a concrete peninsula that didn't make any sense.

More lave rocks.

Fall was setting at this point, so working until 5 or 6 on a Saturday was working until the sun went down.

All the rocks, leaves and weeds are gone.

Putting in a few flowers and hoping that they'll survive the winter.

And a few daylight pictures of what it looked like on October 29, 2017

This spring we'll put down some mulch and add a boarder to clean it up. 

Next I'll start showing you the progress made on Area A.  We're still not done with it, a year after taking possession of the property.  This area needed some serious man-power.

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